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I won't be around much this week

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We are going to try out a new schedule and the kids have a robotic basics camp starting today
Everyone have a fun and great week !
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Have fun!!!!

I am also going to try LOL to be off the boards this summer, we have a lot going on. If you don't see me post and wonder, we are all fine and I will catch up with you in the fall

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Ack!! Have fun Cerri, that sounds like a great camp!

Dd informed me she wasn't interested in any day camps if she had to leave me ALL day. The nerve of me!

Bye Mary! We will be lost without you!
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Mom4tot: could you find a half-day program she'd enjoy? Not all day camps run ALL day.
One of the families in our HS group is offering a nature hike/ class in a few weeks and we signed up for that. One (or all) of us will accompany her. I have looked for some half day things and I found some tennis lessons she may like. Most of the clases at the Science Museum and so forth are full day for a week or more. I think it is hard for her to be on that kind of schedule. I like it when she finds something she enjoys for a few hours, gives us a change of pace.
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