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Ian is here!!!

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Wow!!! Looks like lots of us were busy this weekend! Congrats to all the other mommas who had their babies!!

We went through with the induction on Friday. I'll post more details later but we now have our baby boy!

Ian Thomas
38w 2d
6 lb 14 oz
20 in long
7:39 pm Friday, August 4th

He's doing great and is nursing better than dd ever did.

Heading over to the breastfeeding board to find out what foods to avoid because he's getting really gassy/not always burping which led to lots of screaming and pain for him last night. I know probably dairy, acidic foods, spicy foods, not sure what else.

I can't wait to read through everyone's birth announcements!
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Congrats Jen! Oh, I really hope the induction went okay for you... can't wait to read your birth story

Good luck w/ the BFing stuff.
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Congratulations! Yep - it seemed like a busy weekend. I also hope everything went well Jen. Welcome to the world Ian!
Congratulations! He was born on DD's second bday, it's a good day to be born.
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yay mama! there sure are tons of little boys being born right now! congrats!!
congrats and welcome to the world Ian

can't wait to hear more about your birth

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Congratulations on little Ian!!
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Jen, congrats on baby Ian!! Another Friday baby
I thought of you often since I had ds so early on Friday, because I knew you'd scheduled your induciton that day. I hope it went smoothly for you. Can't wait to read your birth story!
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Congratulations!!! And welcome baby Ian!

try not to stress too much about the food stuff...if you find something that helps, great, but some babies are just gassy and fussy, trust me. I tried to eliminate all sorts of stuff with minimal success. Gripe water helped a WHOLE lot. In the end I think DD just had a sensitive gut.
Congrats Jen! and welcome to baby Ian!

Hope you're enjoying your time with your new baby! Hope his tummy feels better soon!

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Welcome to the world, Ian! Best wishes with getting his gassiness sorted out too.
Congrats! I love the name, Ian! Yay August babies!!
Hi everybody!

Sorry I haven't been on much. Ian has jaundice and is luckily still at home, but we have a portable bili light that he has to be on pretty much all the time. We just got it last night. He really doesn't like sleeping alone, so we've been camped out on the couch together. I will get a birth story done, I promise!
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