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ICAN fill-in chapter leader sought / please read

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I am currently pregnant with my second child and due around Thanksgiving. Although I love my ICAN work imensely, it is time for me to spend some time preparing for the upcoming birth and for the challenges of welcoming a newborn into our family once again.
I am looking for someone who is willing to act as a fill-in chapter leader starting with the October meeting and for a period of time after my baby's birth. I'm not certain of my exact return date as it will depend on how things go postpartum. After my son's birth, I suffered a long bout of postpartum depression and so need to leave plenty of room for the possibility of dealing with that again.
The fill-in leader would be responsible for running the monthly meetings (now being held on the second Saturday of each month at 10:30 a.m.) as well as handling inquiries (mostly by email) and minor paperwork duties.

ICAN leaders do not need to have had a cesarean themselves in order to run a chapter.

One idea would be to have two folks act as co-leaders in order to divide up the various tasks. That approach, coupled with my plans to hold just discussion-oriented meetings this year (as opposed to topic-oriented with guest speakers), would make the tasks very manageable for two women even considering that we are all busy moms. I'd be glad to share more specifics with anyone who may be interested.
The job of ICAN leader is a very rewarding one. As the only chapter in Maryland, I've had the opportunity to interact with women from all over the state who have learned and grown from what ICAN has to offer. As you may already know, women who have had unwanted cesareans are sometimes devastated by the experience. Often, a single telephone call with a woman who is hurting can make all the difference.
Please give some thought to my request and email with any questions you have. Thanks.

-Barbara Stratton
[email protected]
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