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ICEA exam study group?!?

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Anybody here in the process of certifying thorugh ICEA? I'm planning on taking my exam in June and am looking for study buddies to keep me accountable to the modules!

Also, anybody who's already taken the exam... do you have any tips or advice?
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I'm not doing it through ICEA but through CBI instead. I would still be interested in a thread/study group just to learn more!
I took the ICEA exam about a year ago, and I thought it was HARD. I left thinking that I didn't pass it, and not even knowing how to have studied for it differently. I found out just over a week after I took it that I did pass it

I thought it was so hard because about 2/3 of the questions had 5 answers to choose from, but at least 2 of the answers were "none of the above" or "answers a and c." I hate questions like that!

I'm sure you'll do fine- the person who proctored my exam has been with ICEA for 20 years, and she told me that she had only known of 1 person who had to take it twice. I do wish you lots of luck! I wish I had more advice, but like I said, I didn't even know how to have studied differently after I took the exam. I do teach clases all the time now- about 2-3/month, and I LOVE it!

Carrie, mama to Jake, Lola, and surprise baby #3
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