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IDDDDSO little girls' apron tops! Does anyone have/can anyone sew them?

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my dd broke her wrist and collar bone over memorial day weekend and she cannot lift her arm up to get dressed. she hid in the bathroom the other day so she wouldn't have to get dressed and has been begging to wear the same clothes to bed so she doesn't have to change. it is killing me that she cries when she has to get dressed and i've been searching for something to help her out.

when i was younger (and thinner! :LOL ), i wore these shirts that tied behind my neck, and around my back- we always called them "apron tops" and i think that they'd be perfect for my dd to wear until her bones heal.

they seem easy to make, but my sewing machine is not in working order. are there any members here who make them? i'd be able to pay a bit, or maybe we can trade for something, too. i just feel so awful about this. it breaks my heart to see her in that much pain.
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thank you! i will pm you both back shortly.

the kind of shirt i'm wanting is like this-- only with shoulder straps that can tie or snap/button, so she doesn't have to lift her arms.

she's a little girl, her bodice measurement is 22 inches and the length is only 12 inches or so. it really shoudn't be too difficult, but without my machine, i won't be able to do it and getting it serviced right now isn't an option with her medical bills and all!
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