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Idea for AIO prefold...?

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Ok, so the other day I saw a lady that had a prefold/burp cloth. Someone had made if for her, adding a cute layer of fabric into the soaker.

This got me thinking. What if I put a layer of PUL on the outside of a prefold??? OR what if I sewed a prefold into a fitted, with a Layer of PUL on the outside? You couldn't snappi it though. Would pins damage the PUL? Probley... What about a snappi? No, that wouldn't work. Unless I added velco to the outside, then it would be an AIO. Or I could add tabs of terry (thanks reececup for that idea), then you could snappi it.

IF ONLY I COULD SEW GOOD!!! Anyone willing to attempt this and show us pics????????
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Actually, this has been done.
The ATD diaper is essentially a prefold cut to the shape of an all in one with PUL on the outside. It closes with snaps. Here's a pic:

and a line drawing:

Is that what you're thinking? Were you looking for an all in one made of prefold material?
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My first AIO's were like that, SUCKED. (My apologies to anyone who likes that style, but....) They ALWAYS leaked, because there's nothing to keep the cotton inner layer from rolling to the outside at the leg openings....and they were pretty awful for containing breastmilk poops ( an incident involving drips of poop running out all over the floor at Wal-Mart comes to mnd....)
I could keep the leaks at bay for a while if I folded a doubler in half & stuck it right in the front. The pee would just run right out if I didn't do that.
All in all not a good experience!

If you were to try to make something like this, you would need to find a way to keep the cotton inner from rolling to the outside - foldover elastic or something. And snaps or Aplix would be a must.
Yeah, I got one of those as a refund for combined shipping and I wasn't crazy about it.
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