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Idea for inconsistent Wake-Up Times!

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For those of you who have problems being consistent with your wake up times . . .here's an idea . . .

(1) Make a copy of your chart (if you print it from the 'puter, print it in grayscale).
(2) Color code your chart according to wake up times. For example:
Red= 5-6 a.m.
Yellow= 6-7 a.m.
Blue= 7-8 a.m.

Color in the dots on your chart so that you can see patterns more clearly. You will have to use your best judgment in terms of rounding time up/down.

This idea was inspired by my freakin' out that I didn't O, but when I color-coded my temp according to the time, the pattern was much clearer and obvious that I did O!
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I will have to try that. I am having a terrible time the past two weeks with temping. My temps are up and down and I'm starting to think I didn't o this month either, even though software still says I did.

I am also going to start vaginal temping this month; I tried taking oral and vaginal this week, and my oral is bouncing all over while the vaginal stays within 0.2.

Now, any advice to keep toddler from yanking the thermometer out of your mouth, and asking the same question louder and louder and louder while you're waiting for the thermometer to beep?
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I'm totally relatin over here Slightly Crunchy
! My 23m Dd is always yelling MAMA MAMA MAMA reeeally wanting the theremometer to play with while its in my mouth. I hand her the case and it usually appeases her until I hear the beeps. Sorry
:. I know this isn't what the thread was about, but just poked my funny button.
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I can totally relate to the distractions during temping, but for me it's not my child but my CAT who can't endure the wait. As soon as the alarm goes off and I stick the thermometer in my mouth, she jumps on me and meows like no tomorrow, reminding me that she has not been fed in 24 hours and is rather unhappy to be on a diet...
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