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There was a thread a few weeks ago about snack trays and what to put in them. I've been making a tray for dd every day and she loves it! I had a problem at first keeping the cold stuff cold (cheese or whatever).

What I do is I take two muffin tins that are the same size. In one, I pour about a half inch of water in two of the compartments (or however many I plan to fill with food that must be kept cold). I freeze it overnight. In the morning, I take it out and put a second muffin tin right on top of the one with the ice in it. I put the cold stuff in the compartments above where I made the ice. It works really well to keep the cold food cold while dd is snacking, then I just pop it in the fridge when she loses interest.

I also made a whole bunch of muffin tin-sized ice cubes (froze 1/2 inch of water in the tins), and then popped out the ice circles for use if I leave the tray out for a long time. I can just dump the melted ice out and put a new ice circle in.

Thought I would share because I know a lot of people have been doing snack trays.
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