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Ideas during a run/walk?

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In May there is going to be a woman's run with lots of women even mothers who push strollers like I am going to do.

I want to get the word on circ which I know that some ppl here have had later circs because doctors here do not know the alternatives so I can't say Never Need a later circ because there will be more likely a parents have had their son circ per advice of a doctor who didn't know alternatives.

I imagine there will be familes including boys who can read just like fathers who are more likely circ are going to be there.

I imagine even woman docs are going to be there and I want to get the word out there without degrading their education because when their are more likely circ males how do they get to know of "foreskin" if most of the doctors got rid of foreskin as soon as the boy was born. But I do want doctors to try and research alternatives on foreskin treatments
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Another poster here wears a racing jersey with pro intact messaging.
Sounds like you want to bring attention not only to keeping boys intact but also to the medical community which can be so misdirected since there hasn't been much need to know how to respectfully treat this body part in our recent history.

Ideas for a t shirt.

The foreskin - another part of a healthy body.

Educate, don't amputate.

Be wise, don't circumcise.
Could you put a small banner on your stroller, or have a flag attached to it. The banner or flag could have a no-circ slogan or web site.

I'm not sure what you are asking for (it's late and I'm tired, sorry), but those ideas sprang to mind.
I'm not sure if NoCirc has balloon's available, but if they did you could fill one with helium and tie it to the stroller...and kids love balloon's too. Not sure if they have them, but it would get high visibility. I wonder how much they'd cost to have made custom? Hmmm...

I'd get a t-shirt printed in a large as possible logo of this:

"CIRCUMCISION" in a circle with a slash through it:

And add in "NOCIRC.ORG" underneath it.

- white t-shirt
- red circle and slash
- black "NOCIRC.ORG"

I'd do it on BOTH sides or perhaps put the word "FORESKIN" in large font on the upper-back to get people to turn around and see the front!

There's a place here that will put logos on LOTS of things like coffee mugs, mouse pads, shirts. Not sure about balloons (?). You just have to print out what you want and they seem to scan it and put it on the item. Not sure if you could just put it on disc and have them take it directly of that (?).

I'd have a t-shirt made and what the PP said, make up a helium balloon made and attach it to your wrist or your kid's stroller (if they're going along).
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The press loves shots of kids looking cute. You could make a little sign for your son that says "Thanks for saving my foreskin, Mom" or something like that.
What a great opprotunity for you to get the word out! I made my own "Intactivist" running shirt and have worn it a few times at races I enter. Cheap, easy and effective

Here is a link to the decal I made for my running shirt:

All you have to do is get a packet iron-on decal printer paper, print it our and iron it on, so easy.

I then tucked a few business cards in my arm band with my MP3 player in it in case anyone asked about my shirt.(Only a few did, but I did notice others talking

Business cards:

Good luck to you!
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You could have a shirt for your son that said, "Happy, Healthy and WHOLE," with maybe a web address on it, and then you could wear an anti-circ shirt.
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