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Ideas for activities at 1st b-day party - for the adult guests?!

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DS turns 1 on May 2, and we are having a small gathering of mostly adult friends and family to celebrate with us. We are just having the party at a park, nowhere crazy, but I was thinking it would be nice to have a couple of activities/games (like shower games but not cheesy) for adults that would be focused on celebrating Ben's first year of life. Any ideas? Or maybe good food and drink is enough. How did other mamas celebrate the first b-day?
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We got a photo album that had space for captions and comments. I filled it ahead of time with pictures of dd and had a bunch of nice gel pens and asked everyone to write in it and caption a few photos.

I just had my DS first bday this weekend. One thing I did for the adults was have them write him a note to open up later, like a time capsule. Most people wrote stories of good times they have had with him this year or how they know our family. I think it turned out nice and I'm going to scrapbook them. Some people also wrote advice for when he is older and that was great too. Make sure you announce it though, I left mine on a table and half the guests never saw it.
We did DD's first party open-house style, which just simply meant we gave people the permission to come and go throughout the afternoon as they needed to.

We also invited a bunch of people, to fill the house and keep the conversations varied. There was always somebody you hadn't talked to yet. Oh, and no single room had anywhere near enough seating for everyone, so people kept circulating from room to room.

But beyond that, we did nothing, and the adults all seemed to have a great time. Really, it wasn't so different than a typical barbeque get-together, except we did serve cake and ice cream, complete with snapping pictures of DD smearing the cake all over her face.
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We did the same as KC, had an open house. We just had lots of food (one little girl ate FOUR cupcakes....then she CRASHED in the car on the way home) and margaritas for the adults! It was a blast, even though ds was rather cranky, wouldn't let us put him down, and actually FELL ASLEEP (this is a kid who HATES to miss out on the fun) halfway through (when he woke up, only two people were still there, so he was much happier. I think he is like dh and I...doesn't like a lot of people).

It was low-key, low stress, and fun!

We didn't do cake and stuff (we had cake, but not for the b-day boy) or open presents...he indicated that he wouldn't be cool with being the center of attention like that (although we did sing, at the request of cupcake girl, and he seemed to enjoy that).
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