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Ideas for Old Tank Tops?

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OK, I have been EBF'ing my daughter for 7 months on Friday. I own zero nursing tops...and am thinking about buying some (but gosh, they are pricey!)...


then I looked through my drawers and found a bunch of old tank tops (the long kind you get from Old Navy) and I was thinking maybe I could cut them somehow to make them like nursing undershirts?

Has anyone done this and if so, how did you do it and how did it come out?
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I have owned several nursing tanks and I have always felt that when I was nursing with them on that I was showing the same amount of skin as I would if I were just wearing a regular tank.

I have some of the same Old Navy tanks (the kind with the built-in bra) and I just cut out a part of the bra where my nipple would be. That way, you don't have to take your boob out of a bra or pull the top of your tank down.

I much prefer to lift up my shirt to nurse than to pull it down. It just makes me feel more comfortable.
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If you are using them as undershirts, you could just cut a vertical slit in the breast area and lift your regular shirt to nurse. If you are comfortable and the tank is snug enough you could go without your bra and have one less step to deal with.
Thanks so much! The tank tops are actually the plain ribbed kind (no built in bra)- so I'd still have to wear a bra, since now more than ever I need some support!

I like the idea of cutting slits. I was thinking of cutting circle holes, but then was worried that you'd see the big circles through the top shirt and it would look really weird (like a bullseye!
)- so slits are definitely better.
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