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Ok, this is a copy of a post I just made in the "are mothers respected" thread. Let's brainstorm about what it is that needs to change in society. What do we want, what do we need, what do we demand?

I think that what we are or should be fighting for is respect for our choices NO MATTER WHAT THOSE CHOICES ARE. In other words, I DO want the right to work outside the home and I do want equal pay if I chose that. But I also want the right to sah and be respected for that as well. And I'd really like more options with regards to both so that it might truly BE a choice and not a forced decision. I'd like to see longer and paid family leave, I'd like more jobs that are flexible, more job sharing, more wah type jobs, etc. I'd like jobs to not just tolerate but support kids coming to work with mom or dad. On site daycare or better yet, a play area right in your office. I'd like time off for PTO meetings, I'd like a shorter workday so I can pick the kids up at 3. Offices should have places to pump if your breastfeeding.

Society needs to shape up too. I want changing tables in ALL restrooms in public places (mens and womens) and more than that, in addtion to mens and womens, I want "family" bathrooms. You know, a one bathroom room, so mom can take her five year old son or dad can take his six year old daughter in. Who hasn't had issues of independance vs. safety right there in walmart when your son refuses to use the "womens" room with you?

I want real restaraunts to have deignated "family" or "play" areas, where I can turn my toddler loose, still see her and eat in peace. Im sick of Mcdonalds! I want stork parking EVERYWHERE. I want better public schools so that if parents cant or dont want to homeschool, they can feel safe that thier children are in a safe, nurturing and actual learning environment. If public schools cant do it, then I should be allowed to chose a private school that can.

I want real, good and affordable healthcare. I want my insurance company to actually pay for my midwife and acknowledge her expertise. I want doctors to stay out of what procedures I do or do not choose to have done on my newborn. I want every hospital to have a free standing birth center attached, so that every woman has a choice of using it but with medical backup readily availible. I want the OB/GYN's to work cooperatively with the midwifes instead of the antagonistic way they view them now. (As competition, and unqualified competition at that). Doulas should also be covered by insurance companies. Everyone should have health insurance. I want a comprehensive national healthcare plan. I want to actually be able afford my ins. premiums, copayments, deductibles and coinsurance. (What am I paying for anyway, theres so much they DONT cover). All ins. should cover maternity and well checkups.

What do YOU want? Maybe we need a whole thread just for these ideas. I want to know, what do you need/want, what do you see that needs changing?

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ditto to the above
I want to know that our food does not contain poisons, and has not been genetically engineered- I do not want to be guinea pigs. All foods- at restaurants and all grocery stores- I should not have to go to my natural foods store to be sure all the time. I want to have clean air and water, and those who pollute it must face consequences and pay whatever it takes to clean it up as much as possibe.
I want the media industries to stop dumbing down to the lowest common demoninator that makes them churn out all the misogynistic violent junk we are bombarded with.... more respect for all people, animals, and children .... I want stories and images that cultivate peace and growth of our potential, makes us more of a community. I want all the wonderfully creative people out there to actually be able to make a living doing what they love, shareing with the rest of us. I don't want to compromise just to make money. I want bartering to be more of the norm. I do not want the multinational corporations to keep getting richer by using sweatshop and slave labor. I do not want everything I buy to be "made in china". I do not want a disposable society. I want objects in our lives to have beauty.
I do not want my country to continue to be run by criminals. I do not want my country to continue murdering people and destroying people's homes and our enviroment. I want an independent media that reports the truth.
I want corproate welfare to stop. I want families to get support. I want abuse victims to find support easily and have many safe places to turn in times of need. I want laws that are effective in keeping us safe, and keeping our children safe and free from negligence, poisons, and violence.

I do not want to feel powerless about changing all this.

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I answered you in the other thread but i'll copy my reply here

I want families to be respected no matter how they were, adoptive, or out of love and need--> not leagalities ( this is how I came to raise D and C), I don't want to hear " Oh but you not a REAL parent"
I want flex time, wah, and other options to be accessable to all no matter what their familial or matrial standing is.
I want all types of medical options, not just those relating to childbirth and pregnancy to be cover, but also alternatives for elder care and the care of men and the care of everyone at everystage of life..Iwant dr and the westernm medical communities to acknowledge and seek hte wisdom and knowledge of other cultures and traditions.
I want maternity leave as a term elimianted and changed to family care that both parents can take it. I want it extended to 18 months with pay and extenable to two years with out job loss ( but no pay for the last 6 months) and I want it granted to anyone parent or not who needs to care for a family member child or adult or sibling who needs care for things like child birth, cancer or disability or terminal illness of anytype not questions, no stignam attatched.
I want not more stork parking but more parking for those in any circumstance that need more time or wider, closer parking spots who don't necessarily qualify for handicapped spots...we all have circumstances when we need these...I know I did when I had stitches in my knee and need to stop for a perscription on the way home from the hospital.
I want in house day care to be a right not a "benifit" and I want it for anyone who needs it, age not a factor.
I want government programs not to be based on whether or not I have kids but on the fact that I need help too.
I want parents to extend the type of understanding to those with out kids that they want from the childfree/childless folks.
I want to be able to volunteer in a school here...even if I don't have kids.
I want my choices to be as valued as a parents both by the parents and by my employers
I want a smorgesbord of benifits where folks can pick and chose what they take rather than a one size fits all package that really does no one any good,even the employer.
I want not to be viewed as a child hater because I want places to go where I don't have interact with kids or listen to kids and their antics, oror a threat because I go to a park to draw or play with a random kid in a resturant.
I want more parents to actually take their kids out before they get so out of hand I can't hear the movie or my dinner partner's conversation.
I want parents to extend the same courtesy to me in my home that they think they are entitled to and respect my sensibilities and rules, even if they are different than what they would do in their homes or out in public.
I want more access to and imformation about Breastfeeding and EBF to be available to the general public so that more folks can lear what gift it is from mother to child.
I want more info about vax's and anti-circ to be availabe so that folks can make truely informed choices.
And I want folks to understand that people who make choices that are different are not mosters or bad, just different and we're all doing the best we can.

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