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I teach preschool, 4 and 5 year olds, and next week we are doing Earth Day. I want to do a project to show how litter can cause water pollution but I am limited by state regulations as to what kind of container I can use, how much water I can use, etc. Basically I am limited to whatever I can fit in to one of those gigantic pickle jars- the kind you get at Sam's Club.

My thoughts were that the kids could put in some crumpled up newspaper, an empty mini 8 oz can of cola, a grocery bag, some food item like half of a fast food hamburger *something typically thrown in to local rivers* and an apple core. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? It has to be small.

I figured by the end of the week the kids could look at the water and we could have a discussion about how this affects plant life, the animals, humans, etc.

Thanks for any other tips!
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