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Ideas on how to give spinach to my DD

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DD is 9 months old and I think her most favorite food until now is spinach. She will fight to get more, so far she has eaten it the ways I make it for myself. In spinach lasagna, spanakopita and in omelettes.

She loves it so much and always eats a lot more than I expected her too whenever I give it to her that I'd like to offer it in new ways.

Thank you
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DS doesn't love spinach, but I do! Here's a couple ways I've served it:

Saute spinach in olive oil or butter, season, toss with cooked pasta & parmesan cheese.

Put spinach (raw or cooked), any other veggies, if desired, and any kind of cheese (sliced thin or shredded) between 2 whole wheat tortillas. Brush or spray top with olive oil. Bake in oven (350) or toaster oven for ~10 minutes until cheese is melted & top is lightly browned.
When serving this, I make sure not to give DS any crispy edge pieces & sometimes peel off the top, crispy portion of tortilla.

That's all I can think of, but might have to try lasagna & spanakopita soon!
My 9 month DD loves spinach too! I cooked up a bit for her the other day, just steamed about 1 cup of fresh spinach and pureed it with a pinch of garlic and ginger. She couldn't get enough, though the puree was awfully messy.

We had pasta with a spinach-olive oil sauce yesterday and she loved eating the bits of spinach right out of the sauce.
My 11mo can't get enough of creamed spinach. You boil the spinach in water for about a minute, then drain the water and add some cream. Then you boil until it's no longer liquidy. He won't eat anything else until all of the creamed spinach in sight on the dinner table is gone.
1 handful spinach+2 bananas+bit of water to blend=delicious green smoothie
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scroll down for spinach. My favorite types are the ones with paneer and those also tend to be more mild.
Well now Im hungry haha

I love spinach too! Thank you for the awesome suggestions. I might have to try one of them tonight
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Originally Posted by sapphire_chan View Post
scroll down for spinach. My favorite types are the ones with paneer and those also tend to be more mild.
I was about to suggest palak paneer (one of my favs)
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DS really enjoys a puree I made out of a steamed sweet potato, a cup of black beans, a cup of kidney beans, and 10 oz of frozen spinach. Even if you don't typically do purees, you could use this mixture as a dip for steamed veggies or spread it on tortillas or rice cakes.
This isn't a recipe, but I don't know why you couldn't make them yourself. I buy Dr. Prager's spinach pancakes at Whole Foods near the boca burgers. They are really yummy! They're a potato pancake with spinach added. I'm sure you could make them on your own, if you have a potato pancake recipe.
I love all these ideas. I've never had creamed spinach before and always wanted to try it. And I LOVE Palak Paneer. Also that puree sounds yummy, like something I would like. I sometimes give her purees spread on something or as dips

And I know those pancakes, they always caught my attention but I never tried them.
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I make green slime monster smoothies
My boys love smoothies and its a great way to "sneak' things like spinach and other veggies. I only use milk maybe plain yogurt if we have it and whatever fruits/veggies I have on hand. the boys absolutely love it and giggle.
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