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my finances right now are poo! I went back to school (yay!) and my pooches and kitty are paying the price! they all three have fleas! I have been bathing them often and flea combing them daily, but still the fleas are there! I can't use poison that wont work anyway.
and their food has gone from california naturals and wysong to pedigree and purina, i am a bit worried about their health. i don't know when it will get better financially for us, i just need to be in school so i can get out of this (life-long) rut.

so, i don't know if someone has some extra advantix or frontline, or could send me a gc for some. and maybe a gc for some food to get us through this until i figure out how to live with virtually no income

there are resources in the area for dd and i, but not for the furry ones.

oh, and if anyone has good vitamins they could share...i feel icky, but can't afford vitamins or supps....and there aren't any community resources for those, either.

thank you, mamas, for understanding, and helping. you are much appreciated.
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