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IDSO: britax roundabout carseat cover

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Our carseat cover is in shreds!! Please help... I have some pp... and would
to trade! can do tie dyes...

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I have....but gotta locate, a cover sil made for dd's Marathon, but it was too small. It is very nice, Sesame street party pattern with a white contrast...if you are interested I will find it and send you a pic. She made another and it works great and I have used it almost 2 yrs and it has held up very well.
Yeah I would be interested but you think it would fit the roundabout?? and its brand new? how much would you want or what are you ISO??

Girls size 4 clothing, prefer Gymboree...their pants fit dd better 15" inseam
Dora Stuff for 3 yr old dd...try me with other characters
Queen size bed cover for "Girly" room ...Characters fine
Girls size 9 or 9 1/2 shoes, stride rite style, clogs...try me
Beaded socks, dd loves these and I can't crochet
Tights size 4-thick cotton type
Nursing bras 36A
Dress up clothes
Viewmaster reels
Silky 4T pj's
Mama clothes size 12-14
Childrens Metal pots/pans
Childrens DVD's

Or I guess I could take $20.00 ppd if you think thats fair...
I'll try to find it and snd you a pic...yes it is new, but It is homemade...very cute imo
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waiting to see your pic...

and still looking...

I have one you can have free for shipping.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts