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IDSO nursing bras

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My nursing bras have seen better days. I have been very dissapointed with my Medela seemless's. They are falling apart.
So I am looking for any brand 34 or 36 DD with an underwire. I'll try anything!
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Just a suggestion - post your size in the title of your post.

Remember that DD is also known as E, that might help in your search. I recently noticed Wal-Mart carried a couple of brands that are around $10. They don't carry my size
(36G). I also really like They're always having sales and they have free shipping. Returning/ exchanging is pretty easy. PM me if you'd like a coupon code. I've got to reboot, and I can't get to the e-mail that has the code!

I use the Fancee Free underwire nursing bra, and haven't had any problems. I've heard good things about the Leading Lady for your size, and they have a cool clasp.
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