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IDSO: WAHM Graphic Designer

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We need someone to help us with our NINO logo.

I also need some stuff done for me personally.

Please PM me if this is something you're interested in and can do.
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I used Katherine at to make my illustration seen here. She was amazing and very reasonably priced and fast. I gave her creative feedom with colors but told her my basic idea. I then designed the website around her illustration. I'd highly reccomend her. Otherwise if you have some basic programs like illustrator or flash (yes i use flash for drawing, lol) they are pretty easy to use. I did the illustration for Web Savvy Mama (My webdesign site) on my own. I had Katherine do the one for Baby Space because I didnt have time and wanted something totally different.
Thanks everyone - I'm working with someone now, but appreciate all the PM's.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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