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IE doulas! Have you used or heard about these Inland Empire doulas?

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Hey mamas!

DH and I are ttc now and we're planning on moving to CA in a month or so. I've been looking at doulas in the Inland Empire (where we'll be moving) in our price range and I've found a couple that sound promising. Their names are Violet Stephens and Alicia Gutierrez. I'm wondering if any of you mama have used either of these ladies, or know someone who has. Heck, maybe they're members of this tribe!

Anyways, we're hoping to find a doula in the $500 or less range, who is okay with being the only non-family member at our homebirth. Dh and I really want an UP/UC, but since it's our first we've decided to seek out a doula for security.

Also, if any of you mamas are doulas and take clients in the IE, send me a message! We're hoping to get pregnant soon and have a child sometime at the beginning of next year.

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