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IF anyone was waiting for kissaluvs seconds...

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They finally stocked some sz. 0 fitted seconds. *cries* I have been waiting for MONTHS and it's perfect timing, I even had money saved up for it.. but



looks like I will have to keep stalking the trading post lol!

anyways thought I would tip the rest of you off

incase you don't know where to go heres the site
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Why don't you get someone here to help you? Do you want me to help?
I can purchase them for you, unfortunately you'd have to pay for shipping me, and then from me to you...I haven't been doing good budgeting lately or otherwise, I'd say only pay for shipping to Canada.
Thank you so much for the offer. I think it would just be easier to buy some used ones at this point, baby should be comin within a month so I don't wanna play any guessing games as to when they will be here lol, plus I wouldn't feel right having someone go through all that trouble without giving them a bit extra, and by the time I've paid shipping twice and converted it all to Canada money lol I could have bought new diapers lol. I really do appreciate it though, and if I can't find anything else maybe I will ask you for your help!

Do kissaluvs seconds have a pretty good resale value?
Oh yea, I forgot about the whole conversion thing.
It's still about 4 bucks cheaper per diaper.. are the seconds pretty good quality?? has anyone got them before? I really want them lol..

what is the resale value of a kissaluv seconds unbleached fleece?

How much would it cost for shipping from the US to Canada (post code N6J4G2)

Someone hide the visa and change my paypal password lol!
Airmail parcel post for a 3 lb (guesstimation) package would be 14.25 usd and it would 4-10 days.

I know nothing about quality or resale value of kissaluvs seconds. I had some kissaluvs size 0 first quality diapers and I loved them as a newborn diaper.
Oh and I saw that the shipping to my state would be $7.95. I think you are looking at around $20-$25 in shipping charges. There were several options on shipping to canada, but I picked one of the fastest/least expensive. There were some that it would take 4-6 weeks. YIKES!

not worth it lol

thanks for looking all that up you are sooo nice to do that for me.

I have some used kissaluvs comin in the mail soon, and if i love them then I can buy some more new lol..

now somebody buy the darn things so that I don't get tempted!

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