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If DH likes Bumkins, he would also like...

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Out of all the AIOs we used in size small, DH liked Bumkins the best. He liked the fit, the waterproof shell, & the velcro (vs. snaps). I find that I don't really care as long as they fit, so I wanted to get some more that he would really like. What other AIOs would you recommend as we build our med/lg size stash? Thanks for any opinions. This is my first post in this section, so hope it's appropriate.
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You can find a lot of Aplix(similar to velcro, but better) diapers on the net! I'd suggest Kushies Ultra, Very Baby, or Harleyz Dipez. I'm having some problems remembering all the WAHMs I think I need more coffee!
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It's not a true AIO, but HH are pockets and have velcro and the fit is good on my dd (bumkins fit her well too)
If you pre-stuffed 'em - how about Happy Heinys? We have mediums and I think they are going to fit for a LOOOOONG time.
IMO, Very Baby looks the closest to the Bumkins.
I know they are hard to get, but chumbas are really really great,
Bumkins AIOs are my husband's absolute favorite, but he also really loves our Honeyboy AIOs. Another hit are the Mudpie Babies side aplix.
AIOs from (new store, very nice stuff, one of our very own mamas

Pockets from , also one of us, EXCELLENT pockets, well priced, trim, very well made., good work, inexpensive, great to work with, lots of cute fabrics
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Bumkins used to be DH's favorite. Now, he's all about Harleyz Pocketz. They're easy and super trim. I'm pretty sure she's open for orders.
Angelwraps? My dh loves these!!
My hubby likes any aio's and he loved Bumkins, so you could try a few wahm aio's even if they aren't exactly like Bumkins.

I've been wanting to try a Lucy's Hope chest aio lately, she has cute fabrics. FMBG might do a front snap aio.
I just got a sugarpiebaby aio they are great here is the link
Oh duh! Angelwraps!

Yeah, they're cool! I don't do velcro, so I never think of her for dipes! I have one itty bitty AIO for the new baby, but that's it... but it is ADORABLE!!

Thanks for all the terrific replies. I can't wait to go check these out. I'm pretty new to this, and don't know anyone else who CDs so don't have anyone's samples to look at in person. These suggestions are great. I love to support WAHMs. Off to check out all these links! Thanks again.
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