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If I don't like the mei tei will I like a wrap?

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Oooh, dh will kill me when he discovers I'm thinking of buying yet another carrier!

We have two pouches that are great for short trips, and recently got an Ergo that we both love for long trips. We also have a mei tei, but I did not like the back carry in it and find it a PITA to use while out because the straps drag the ground while I'm putting in on.

But...I hear so many people talk about loving the wraps. How do they compare on comfort to an Ergo? Any other insights will be appreciated as well. Thanks!
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I loooooooooove my wraps, much comfier than my mei tai for long walks (but I love my mei tai too). But honestly if the straps dragging bugged you, you might not like wraps. lol They are very long.

Cheap way to find out -- make your own. You don't even need to sew, just buy a few yards of fabric and try it out.
I can go find a link to the site that shows how to do it and how much to buy if you're interested?

Then you'd know for sure, for a lower $, and if you do like it, you could justify the expense.
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are you talking about the wraps that are just long fabric and no clasps or anything and you kinda "tie" it on? I have one but no directions!! if you know where to get these are can PM them to me i would really appreciate it.
I don't like Mei Tais at all (I can't believe I'm admitting that here). And I LOVE LOVE my wrap.

I love our Ergo too, but the wrap is definitely more comfy for both back and front carries. But, I agree that if you don't like dealing with the MT straps, you're probably not going to be thrilled with a wrap.

Here's some info on making wraps, if you want to try something homemade before buying one.
are you talking about the wraps that are just long fabric and no clasps or anything and you kinda "tie" it on? I have one but no directions!!
Danielle, here's a page that I found really helpful when I was learning to use a wrap. Lots of links to instructions.
for lots of wrapping info, see - online video demos, etc - wonderful.

OP, if the straps on a mei tai bug you, the long wrap will bug you too. But, there are ways to deal with that easily if it's worth it to you to make it work. I usually just let them hang unless it's wet, in which case I toss them into the car or ask my bigger kid to hold them.

That said, I don't like either type of carrier for quick ins and outs, but for longer walks or errands they're the most comfortable carrier of all.
Thanks for the honest answers ladies! Looks like if I want one I should make my own before spending a lot of $$ on something I might not like.
The homemade wrap will give you a good idea of what it is like to deal with a long piece of material and also how versatile it can be.

It will not however, show you exactly how comfortable a wrap potentially can feel! The better a wrap job you do (nice and tight), the comfier it will feel. Also, some materials feel comfier than others. If after you have played for a while with your homemade wrap and decide you like the whole idea but just don't feel it is super comfy no matter what you do, you may want to invest on one of the popular wovens. I personally found that the right wrap made ALL the difference on my not only enjoying, but actually falling in love with wrapping
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