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if I had stink issues with FB, will I have stink with BG also?

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Well, the title pretty much sums it up. We used FuzziBunz for our first son for about a month, and were constantly having to strip them so they wouldnt stink. Now with our new baby, I am wanting to try something "stay dry" aio or pocket but am afraid of the same stink issues croping up.

Any suggestions?

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If you have stink problems with one kind of diaper, you will likely have stink problems with another kind of diaper. I'm not aware of a diaper that is immune from stink. I do know that certain detergents and washing routines work better than others. I would experiment with a new washing method.
yep i agree with the PP more then likely it was your wash routine,detergent or water
We use prefolds and fitteds now with no problems; same wash routine as with the FB's, it was just the FB's that stunk, we have never had a problem with any other type of cloth diaper, so I dunno
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