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If I really like Sugarbum fitted dipes

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What other fitted diapers would I like, and are in stock or open to custom order (not a mile long list either)?
I like the bikini cut style, I like the NO VELOUR, quick dry, etc

Thank you o' wise diapering ones!
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Nathan in a recyclebees:

As you can see it's a low rise side snapper.

I'd also bet that would fit the bill as well.

This is their old style but here's Nathan in a Tykie: Their new style has a slightly smaller front panel (aka not so poofy) and more adjustability on the snap settings. Nathan in an LHC (this has an internal soaker but most of hers don't and she's very fast):
This is also a lower rise side snapper.

Also and will be restocking/opening soon (I'm pretty sure) and those would be nice too. Earth Seedlings makes a low rise and a regular side snapper/applix fitted so that's nice too.
Nathan in a low rise ES:
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I love my LHC fitteds... and she is super fast.......tykies are great to but with a longer rise....but i use LHC fitteds and they are great
Thanks you guys. I do have a few LHC fitteds and they are nice. I screwed up when I ordered from Becky last time and forgot to tell her to make them quick dry and no velour. Funny you mention her too bc I wrote her that night asking about other inner options, she suggested sherpa. I never thought of that but I know that would be cozy for the babies.
I also wrote Heidi at SB and she said she will be stocking soon and reopening soon!
Thanks for all the links and good stuff, that was really nice with all the photos too, Jenn
Nathan is a sweetie!
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