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If ruck straps hurt, will a mei tai hurt too?

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I've been wrapping for a while and back carry daily. I notice I get sore after using any carry with ruck straps and I even question if they trigger my migraines. I've never tried a mei tai (except one I made for my first son that I didn't size very well) and wonder if those straps feel similar to rucksack straps?

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Even though I love rucking, after a little bit my arms go numb. Never had that problem with my mei tai.
My shoulders start to hurt after awhile when using ruck straps with a wrap. I've used a mei tai and an ergo and not had that problem. With a wrap you have to make sure the tension is even across the wrap and there is no padding. With a mei tai it's padded and the tension is sort of set as you can't adjust the rails and centre of the shoulder strap like you can a wrap, the tension is more even across the shoulder strap with a mei tai all on it's own if that makes any sense.
A mei tai will distribute the weight a bit differently than a ruck does. I still find wraps to be more comfortable for back carries. Depending on how long your wrap is you could still make it work for you.. I don't care for ruck straps for long periods of time, if I know I'm going to be wearing for a while I will usually choose a multi-layer back carry like Giselle's back carry (my fave) and finish it off with a tibetan tie (video here, or a double hammock/chunei back carry (video here). I can comfortably do the first carry with a size 5/4.2 meter wrap and the second is easier with a size 6/4.7 meters.
Thanks, Mamas. I think I want to try a mei tai anyway, just to see and have that option.

I do tend to prefer multi-layer carries for support. I use the DH a lot, or a variation of it. I've seen GBC, but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the links!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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