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If she survives today it will be a miracle

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So Skyla today learned that a calculated fall-from sitting-can help her reach what she wants, usually things I put out of reach on purpose since I am used to a non-mobile baby. So far, she has fallen off the couch while I was feeding her rice cereal (we don't have a high chair yet), into her crib rails at least a half a dozen times. I thought that would be safe while I am trying to pack for a big move...nope! She attacked my cat and then my cat attacked her, and she tried to choke herself with her spoon while eating. I swear she has never tried to move until today and now has at least 4 bumps on her head from the attempts.
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Doesnt that figure!!!

My dd is trying to crawl so when shes sitting and a toygoes out of reach she face plants on her way to try to get it. More bumped noses than I can count!!
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Don'tcha just love the determination and will of those kids?
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Bless her heart! I know my ds is getting pretty good at sitting up by himself, but he has crashed a couple times...thank goodness it was on a rug and not on the hardwoods!!
Wow, what a day!

Hey, if you *want* a highchair (we didn't for the longest time) and have an Ikea nearby, their Antelop chair is super-simple and very inexpensive. We had an Eddie Bauer wooden one (plastic tray) that was just lovely, used it for a couple months, and THE DAY he realized he could climb it, we took it apart, and within a week had sold it to a kid's resale shop.

If your girl is already doing calculated falls, I would NOT recommend a chair she'll be able to climb!

Anyway, we looked around for awhile, and one day while shopping and eating lunch at Ikea, with DS happily (happily!) sitting in the cafeteria's highchairs, we realized we could just play 15 bucks for one of those, and he's been happy as a clam (assuming it's a clam in no danger of being eaten by anyone, and therefore truly happy) in it ever since.
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