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If someone offered you diaper service....

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Would you want it?

Let's say they would pay for it... but it would be all dsq prefolds and proraps covers.

Would you?

I wouldn't because I am prefold impaired

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I would ask them if they'd put the $$ toward fitteds for me to wash. I'm prefold impaired too - leaks galore, and they definitely weren't trim for us.
If CDing was all about prefolds, I would probably use sposies
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Yup! I use a lot of prefolds at home and only use fitteds/pockets for naps,nightime and outings. I even keep prefolds and a bummis wrap in the diaper bag as a back up dipe.

I would still probably buy a few fitteds for the uses I mentioned already and just wash those myself. I would be able to get whatever I wanted because I would only be spending a little since my prefolds and covers would have been taken care of already! I spent the most on those when I bought diapers since I got everything else used.
No, b/c laundry is actually the only house chore that I like doing. If I don't have laundry to keep me away from say.. the dishes... well then I'm just darn lazy aren't I?
hmmm, i really don't like proraps (after the nb size) but if i could use the covers we already have, i'd do it.
Never had any fitteds for dd, so I guess yes, however I do like a little variety. I would have to supplement with some used dipes from the tp.
I wouldn't for a few reasons(we LOVE CPF's though!):

1-I want to know how and what the diapers are washed with.

2-I only use wool, it is better for ds's skin.

3-I love to wash diapers!

It would be a very thoughtful gift though!
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We use a lot of prefolds at home too-I wouldn't/couldn't use a diaper service. I looovvve washing and folding diapers, I usually do it at night after ds goes to sleep and I just fold, happily while we watch tv.
We were given diaper service for three months when DD was born. It was nice, but I don't think I'd accept it again. Many of the diapers provided were nearly rags - quite holey. They were also strongly perfumed. We also did not get enough to last us the week - 70 got us from Wednesday to Sunday morning, so I still had to do a load or two of diapers even with the service (thank goodness I'd bought my own diapers).

So given that there is only one diaper service in the Twin Cities and I was quite dissatisfied with them, I would ask that they spend the money on something else instead.
Good question!
I probably would for the first 1-2 weeks just b/c of being tired, etc. But it also would depend on my stash & how big my baby is/was. I haven't "cloth" diapered a newborn before so its hard for me to say really!
If they used environmentally gentle detergent without bleach and chemicals on my baby I sure would!
The one localy you have to wash & buy your own covers- what's the point if you have to do that part yourself anyway?
If I had to go to the laudromat, and had a ton of great covers like Bumpys or Nikkys, then YES I WOULD!

Especially if the laundro-mat was super far away!

We've done cloth in every situation imaginable, but if someone offered my DService and for free! Well then yes I would!

Also you could stuff the dipes in some Pocket dipes!
We had a diaper service the first two months ... it was good to get started with the whole cd thing, but I was already washing liners and wraps, so I figured, what's a few dipes. So, next time around, I think I would thank the person/people profusely for supporting our wishes to cd, and ask if they would be willing to instead put that money towards some nice fitteds/covers.

Originally Posted by pageta
I would ask them if they'd put the $$ toward fitteds for me to wash. I'm prefold impaired too - leaks galore, and they definitely weren't trim for us.
My mom offered and I asked her to put the $ towards fitteds. She didnt go for that idea.
But she is emotionally supportive and does always make mention of his cute diaper when she sees C.
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If I had no washer, I would definitely do it. Not if I had the choice today though, I have a very nice set up here.
Not a chance. I love using cute fitteds and wool. And I don't mind diaper laundry. I barely use the prefolds that I have and those are all lovely colors hand-dyed by me.
Yes, if I decided to sahm like I did with Ian. We were really broke (I was in grad school on dh's days off), and had no washer (laundromat was next door though).

I wouldn't do it today though, unless I was in a similar situation. DH watches the kids while I am at work and he REFUSES to figure out fitteds or snaps. It is all velcro aios for him all the time.
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