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if something happened to you, would dh still CD?

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i dunno why my morbid little head was dreaming about this, but it was. last night i had a dream that i died and dh tried to keep CDing and it was a total disaster. he woyld use them until the pail was totally full and then bought sposies until he could get them washed and then finally forgot about them and they all rotted in a really nasty smelling pail. and when i think about it, that's probably what would happen.
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Well, I hope to God that we never have to worry about it, but yes, my DH would still CD. As a matter of fact I just asked him and he looked at me funny and said "Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I? But nothing going to happen, so why are we having this discussion?" LOL!
Seriously, he's great with the diapers. He understand them (mostly), knows how to wash and match up doublers and soakers. He'd do great!
Yes I know he would. It was his idea to cloth diaper in the first place
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nope, my dh would totally go to sposies, in a heart beat.
If somebody else washed them for him, he might. I don't think he could figure out the wash routine.
yep. as morbid as it is we as a family have talked about all this stuff. If something happens to me, my mother would take care of the kids and be a SAHgrandma until they are out of HS (DH would work). She would cloth diaper, no doubt "but I only do AIOs" she says LOL.
Yes. My dh is grossed out by sposies. No way would he put them on our kids.

He also said that if something happened to me, he would start a drive for breastmilk donation.
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I just asked and he said he would. He'd probably log on here to get all the "rules" though he knows most of them. He's never lanolized though.
He said, "Sure Would, Id use Bumkins for life" He said Hed BF too! LOL
I just asked him and he said NO!

I asked why not and he said "The poop" he wouldn't have to deal with poop or WORSE :puke if I weren't around.

When I've went away and left Aidan with him, he's made Paige (11 year old DD) take care of the poop (she put baggies on her hands
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Not a chance. My DH would be stocking up on the Pampers immediately. DOn't get me wrong, he likes our fluff. He thinks the Fuzzi Bunz are awesome - but there is no way on earth that man would wash diapers and do it right.
My DH says yes he would as long as his new 22 yr old hottie of a wife would allow it! LMAO such a kidder *throwing a shoe at Dh's head*

But seriously yes I think he would still CD, he has been great about changing the diapers, I am thinking of getting him a t-shirt from they have them for dads that says "Real Men Change Cloth Diapers"
sounds like my DH!
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Yup, just yesterday he came home complaining about a coworker who keeps complaining about buying sposies, "buy it once and get it over with, with no chemicals on baby's bum, geez." were his words
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*throwing a shoe at Dh's head*
My dh would. On the last thread on kind of this topic I ventured a guess that he would use a bunch of bumkins aios or something. But I asked him later that day and he said he really likes the fitteds and wool.
I am kind of ashamed of him though. He won't do prefolds anymore. That's all we used to do but I have spoiled him I guess. He will put a fitted on her even if the only one left is too big and hangs to her ankles. Oh well.

So my answer, yes he would.
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No way!!!! He would have sposies on her before I was cold, LOL. He does like our cloth and does believe it is best and all but he wouldn't put up with it for more than a few days if it was just him (he did use cloth when I used to work and went out of town on business).
I always ask my dh questions like this, lol. He said he would try but that he doubted he would be able to keep up. I think if I had a simple stash he could do it but when he has to make the decision between what is a doubler or an insert or is this an AIO or a cover he gets confused. He likes the wool covers though, he's slowly getting sucked in. He did say he would stay organic but I don't believe him for a second. I think if I died the kids would be eating hot dogs while watching some Scooby Doo crap while he did his annual bathroom cleaning with Clorox.

I should stop bashing the poor guy, he came home today with a gorgeous Shrimp Roll Petunia Pickle Bottom bag for me.
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Yup! My DH would, of course he would sell off all of my hyena dipes and buy back all of the FB's I sold. Those are the diapers he learned on and the ones he loved.

Although he claims that he can't figure out the others, I don't believe him. He let me sleep in the other day and when I woke up DS was in his SP's and Kiwi Pie!! and DD was in her FCB and SP wool. I know they didn't diaper themselves so he must being saying he can't do it just so he doesn't have to!! :LOL
Let's hope I don't kick the bucket anytime soon, because I know DH would be runnin to the store for sposies in a heartbeat.

He has a hard enough time figuring out what shirt matches what pants for the kids... let alone figuring out the diapers.
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