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If the baby is head down, then why do I feel mvmt all over?

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Okay, so this is my 3rd baby... My first flipped vertex to breech (a few times a day) in the 3rd tri, and I could tell when he was flipping, and I could tell when he was head up, head down, etc. (Finally got stuck at transverse, unfortunately.) My second was so obviously vertex so early on, and I could tell exactly where he was (he was so totally LOA all the time, kicked in the same sore place in my ribs at the time, etc.). This baby... was breech until ~33 or 34 weeks, and then flipped. I could tell when she flipped. But the past few weeks, I've been feeling movement all over the place. I can't really figure out where her head is or any other parts; there are strong movements *all* *over* (so the whole quadrant thing at spinningbabies doesn't help). At my (now weekly) prenatal visits, I keep asking the ob to check her position. Three times in a row now, the answer is head down (but still floating pretty high--pretty normal for my babies). I have a really hard time finding the head myself, but I *do* think the dr. is right. What am I supposed to think about this? Is this a clue about her personality?
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Hmm, I'm not sure what it means, but my baby does the same thing and is head down. I feel punches and kicks all over. I guess maybe if the baby is still pretty high (like mine is) they still have a bit of wiggle room to punch and kick out wherever they want to.
Some of what you said sounds like how my pregnancy was with my son. The doc and MWs said that he was head down, but i couldn't make out any body part other than a foot in the top right corner. But i felt movement all over- remember they do have both arms and legs that they can move around. I swear my guy used to punch me in the cervix. So as much movement as there was all over- he came out to be a pretty mellow dude. so no, I don't think it's much of a reflection of his personality.....maybe he's just trying to force his way out??
Ah yes, I've got a full body squirmer as well. When people ask me how I'm doing, I tell them I'd be fine if the baby would stop hitting me in so many tender places. There's apparantly still enough room in there to get me with feet, knees, elbows, hands, and a butt squirm. It's amazing how many places at once they can be moving!!
Good answers.
I'm visualizing the splits...

I would think that either (1) my dr. is wrong (but I really don't think she is, and they took a quick peek at the baby's position ~4 wks ago when I was having an u/s to check my ovarian cysts--the baby was doing this stuff then, too) or (2) there are 2 in there (but there's definitely only 1). Maybe she's trying to crawl stroke toward the cervix?
Last night, she was just *so* all over the place and I was so sore that I finally had 1/2 a glass of wine so I could sleep. (That's why the thread was posted at midnight my time.)
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I was thinking mine was transverse because I'm constantly feeling movement on both sides of my belly at once, but at my last appointment the midwives confirmed that she is head down. Her back and butt were along the right side of my uterus and legs were curled in front of her toward the left side.

I think what I'm feeling (now that I know this) is her stretching her legs out against the left side, which pushes her bony little butt and back into the right side of my uterus. Does that make any sense at all?
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Sounds like baby is anterior but may be spinning around and kicking different areas. I feel movements all over, but I can tell what each one is... baby is LOA, off the right just above my pubic bone is an elbow/arm, there's a back up the left side of my belly with a butt that pokes out sometimes and feet that jut
out the top of the right side of my belly. Yeehaw!
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I'm 41w1d so I can't imagine my baby has much room to move around and he's definitely head down...BUT, he is such a wiggle worm!
He is still able to flip from LOT to ROT on an almost daily basis. He's never posterior though so I'm not too worried, but sometimes I swear I can feel him pushing his hands out in either direction. I've wondered a few times if there is an octopus or possibly 2 babies in there
We had a 20 week scan so I know thats not possible
Some babies are just more wiggly than others. I don't neccessarily think it has much to do with temperament because my dd was fairly quiet as a fetus...she is a wild child now
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Becca- mine too. Dd was a quiet fetus/baby and is now a crazy girl... ds was an active fetus/baby and is easier than dd.
Goes to show you just can't tell!
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Don't they know the baby's head down based on where they find the heartbeat? If it's down low, the head is down, and if it's up high, the head is up?

I wish, with ds, that they'd paid more attention to what direction he was facing as well. This time I'm a bit more educated so I should be able to figure out all of that myself.
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