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If this isn't your first...

558 Views 12 Replies 13 Participants Last post by  Kerriemoe there any pattern to your conceptions?

My boys were both born in March, and the baby I lost was due in March. My dd was due in late Nov. but came "late" in the beginning of Dec. Now, this baby is due in late Nov.

Maybe just coincidence...I don't know the odds...but I kind of like the symetry. Anyone else?
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Not really any correlation here, although I did notice last December that I was ovulating at the EXACT same time as 2 years prior when my DS was conceived that month. So if we'd started trying that cycle, my baby could have had the same due date as my DS! That'd be wicked. And I only started ovulating again in October (16 months postpartum).

My DS ended up coming 2.5 months early, so that would have made it neat to actually get all the way to September.
This time, I'm due late November, but if I went early again, it could come September. Hoping not though (and OB doesn't think I will).
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This is only my second, so I don't have a lot to compare. My ds was conceived in May and born in February, this babe was conceived in February and will (hopefully) be born in November. Does that mean the next one will be conceived next November?
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Let's see my dd was conceived in late June. My ds was conceived in early Nov. and this little one was conceived in early feb. So for me there doesn't seem to be any correlation at all.
I have two that were conceived within a day of Valentine's Day.

I have one who was conceived at the end of March, so that's around the same time of year. My only girl was conceived a week before Christmas. I miscarried after conceiving in early July.
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Not really. Although I do have 2 boys in March.
not really.
DS1 born in July
DS2 born in May
so both later in the year for concieving them

this one was conceived in the begining of the year, Feb maybe a girl?
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Well, one interesting coincidence is that my dh predicted both pregnancies unwittingly. W/my ds, he said I needed to quit smoking "just in case". I quit smoking, and a week later found out I was pg! This time, he said, "You know, Danny would make a really good big brother." A week later.... I'm going to have to duct tape his mouth shut for the entire months of February-March 2008.

That's the other coincidence. Danny was born in December, but was 3 weeks late - "should" have been a November baby. Was conceived in February, as was this one - a Valentine baby! I'd rather not go over by 3 weeks this time though....
I have an Aug. 26 baby, an Aug. 27th baby & a Sept. 14th baby. This one is due sometime around the middle of Nov., according to the "wheel" but I'm thinking it'll be more like late Nov., early Dec.

What my kids have most in common is late Nov/early Dec were cold months for mom & dad, sort of.

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Oh man crazy! We are due ON our son's 2nd birthday!!! We conceived the same DAY as last time 2 years prior!
1st conceived in early Nov, born in Aug.
2nd conceived in Feb. Born in early Nov
3rd conceived in June, was due in March but lost that one
4th conceived in April, born in Jan,
5th conceived in Feb, due in early Nov, 4 days before her sisters birthday.

She is telling everyone she is getting a baby sisters or brother for her birthday. She is actually hoping for a brother.
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Yes. DS was born 10/28, and had been due 10/27. Two months ago, based on my LMP I realized if I got pregnant in January (which I think I did, but had a very early m/c), that I'd have the very same due date.

And now this baby's due 11/26. We just have to keep warm somehow during these long, cold winters!
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