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If you don't know gender...

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...are you having a feeling either way at this point? With DS, I was SURE he was a boy, and my 20 week u/s proved me right. With this one, I've been unsure for a long time, but I'm starting to lean toward girl, mostly because this pregnancy hasn't been very similar to my last one, not because I've had any dreams or vibes or anything.

I"m really getting excited to find out at the big moment, though! Anyone else?

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I'm totally feeling some BOY vibes. I've been thinking that it's a boy for the past month or so. I've been thinking about a boy and I had a couple circumcision dreams (like explaining why I wasn't gonna circ to random ppl) plus I wake up thinking about the boy name we chose and stuff. Also, this pg is totally different than my last one and I had a dd so, we'll see!
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Absolutely! I have been feeling like this is a boy before s/he even had a determined gender, lol. I might be overconfident, because I have a really good track record....

* I felt like I was pregnant while we were still on our honeymoon, where conception took place
* Before I even knew I was definately pregnant I "knew" it was a set of boy/girl twins
* In the 1st trimester I had strong cramping and bleeding so I had an was twins, but one had not survived
* In the 2nd trimester I had an u/s confirming that the remaining baby was a boy
* I again "knew" I was pregnant with a girl a week before I'd missed my period
* I took a pregnancy test but it was negative so I was puzzled....a month later I took another one and it was positive; turns out the first one was a false negative.

* ...and it was a girl!
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Double post
I've been convinced that this is a boy since about 9 weeks. It's just a completely different pregnancy. I joke with friends that it's a good thing I'm homebirthing: if I have a girl I won't have to demand to know who switched my baby
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I'm thinking girl...but I was convinced that ds was a girl too!
I think I just lack the imagination to conceive of a boy coming out of my body
: - it's like giving birth to an alien.
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I'm convinced this is a boy... I have a boy and a girl already and this pregnancy has not much been like either of the previous ones so I can't base it on that... but my intuition says boy. Dh thinks it's a boy too, we'll be quite surprised if it's a girl!

I'm getting excited to meet this baby... we had u/s and found out gender the first two times so this is different not knowing.
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Since I was *sure* DS was a girl, I refuse to have an intuition about this baby.

I have had (most recently) a dream - two dreams, actually - about having a girl. But I also had twin dreams earlier in the PG (and I'll be REALLY surprised if I have twins, and so will my midwives
: )

I really want a girl. But I know I will love a boy totally and unconditionally if that's what I've got in there. So I think I'm sort of expecting a boy so I won't be disappointed if it's not a girl (was that kinda convoluted or what?)

Eh. I can't change it now (nor did I ever have the ability to change it). So when people ask me what I'm having I grin and say, "A baby!"

Oh - we did finally pick a girl's name both DH & I are truly happy with, though: Day Eleanor. For a boy, Wylde Robert. Yay!
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i was sure ds was a boy before i had a U/S. this time, i've been having "girl" vibes the entire pregnancy. this pregnancy has also been very different than it was with ds, so i'm really leaning towards girl...

either way is fine with me, though.
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Not sure. DH and I keep referring to the little one as a boy, but not for any specific reason. The only dream I've had about gender was waaaaaay early on, and it was a boy, but since my sister, sister-in-law, and best friend from highschool all have 2 boys each (all 3 and under) I wonder if babies are just "boys" to me.
I'm very comfortable waiting for this babe, though! I'm doing fine and not anxious yet at all. Stay in and cook, little one!
We're still not sure, though lately we've been leaning toward boy for some reason. It's probably b/c that's what we've been hearing a lot lately. Although people's guesses seem to be 50/50 at this point! In the beginning we were leaning more toward girl. I don't have a clue.
MIL just knows it's a girl though!
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I have no idea. I'd hate to say I'm sure and then be wrong, so I just don't try to guess. But I am so, so excited to find out!!
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