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if yo had $500 and you HAD to spend it on dipes...what would you buy?

  • diapers (what brand or type?)

    Votes: 18 47.4%
  • diaper covers (what brand or type/)

    Votes: 3 7.9%
  • diaper accessories (wet bags etc)

    Votes: 3 7.9%
  • diaper lotions, soaps etc (what kind)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • diaper service

    Votes: 1 2.6%
  • other (please specify)

    Votes: 13 34.2%

if you had $500 and you HAD to spend it on dipes...what would you buy?

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i know i am a FREAK for accessories so i know i would blow it on wet bags. diaper bags, changing pads (all wahm made of course). imagine - tons of beautiful patterns to suit whatever fancy you have!!!!!!!!!

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I couldn't choose more than one, but I would do it on accessories and diaper covers. LOL I love all the fun diapering stuff you can get, and I can use covers, I have soakers out the yin yang but I could use some FUZ! LOL
Fun question!

I'd spend some of it on fitteds, some on wool covers, some on accessories and I'd be making a very high bid on a certain melon DG....
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I voted diapers......of course I need more dipes like I need a hole in the head BUT its so much fun!!!!! I would get some that I havent tried yet (SOS, patwork pixie, etc). I would also buy some small/medium sizes and stock up for the next baby since the smalls I had for my son were terrible dipes and next baby I will know what to get!
I voted "other" b/c I woul buy it all! Dipes, wool, and lots of accessories.
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I'd buy some Happy Hienies (there's a really cute celestial one that I want sooooo much!!
), some fitted diapers (My sister brought me some and they're lovely, plus MIL really likes them) and some joeybunz ( i think that's what they're called) for stuffing.
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Originally posted by pb_and_j
I voted "other" b/c I woul buy it all! Dipes, wool, and lots of accessories.
Yeah - what she said!!
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I would buy 3 Fuz WIO sets. They're my all time favorite, and I wish I could afford more of them!
I would buy tons and tons of Angel Wraps. Fitteds and quick dry AIOs.

I would buy the best and cutest pocket diapers. I never tried one bc I can't afford them
, but like the idea...
I would also buy the cutest and most absorbent Wool-in-Ones and AIOs
Too many brands to mention...

PS I love my UPCFs, but I must admit I would only have the cutest stuff if I had 500 dollars I HAd to spend i dipes...
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<I voted "other" b/c I woul buy it all! Dipes, wool, and lots of accessories. >

Me 3!:LOL

Can you imagine $500 for diapes, yea!!!
I voted other because I would buy lots of diaper making fabric. WOW 500 in fabric would be so much fun! I would probably buy a wool cover or two.
I voted *other* because I would buy stuff in almost all of the categories.
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LOL I tried to click on two options... You know, I have a wonderful selection of diapers and covers now if I had that much that I HAD to spend on dipes I'd get a couple Fuz items to see what all the FuzFuss is about.

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All of it!

I would buy doublers, wool covers, wool pants, fleece pants, more Fuzzi Bunz, Joey Bunz, and some AIOs (we have none). I would also buy cloth wipes and pail liners.

Thanks for giving me something to fantasize about!
I think I might get the diaper service if it was $500 in free money!
ooh, how fun! I am just starting out so I would prob. order a bunch of AIO's and pocket dipes. I've spent about $200 so far to outfit my 4 mo dd in med. dipes, which I think is pretty reasonable. I think another $50 of supplies will round it out nicely....

I'd get two more pail liners from happy tushies, a few more wet bags, a couple diaper bags, a couple cute changing pads...some more changing pad covers from darling diapers (I have a fleece one that is just heavenly!), a bag to hold wipes...

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