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We are going to buy a new King before the new baby is born. I only want to buy a wool/cotton/rubber bed (maybe interspring too) but since there is no where I can lay on one around here, I need help!

What kind (brand and type) of bed do you own?

What is the firmness of it?

What do you love about it?

What don't you love about it?

Where did you buy it?

Thanks so much!

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I bought a natural latex mattress for my DD's first "big girl bed". It was the most cost effective choice since money was an issue for us.

It is pretty comfortable-I lay down with her before nap and going to sleep at night and could definitely see it being comfy for all night.

It does not move when I'm getting off it so I would think for two or more people that would be really nice.

I just love knowing she is not breathing in all the toxins from regular mattresses. I didn't love the cost!

I think I got it at (but do a search on this board, I did most of my research that way...and posted some of my findings there....pregnancy brain has since set in and my memory cells are limited...)
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