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If you own a house how do you make money off it(tenants) save money?

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Okay see other thread

I am teetering about buying a house...
but I still worry about $.

So who has ideas on how owning a house can make you money or how you can save money on the big costs of owning a house?

Here's my list so far:
1. cold showers lol this one is going to be tough for dh ....
2. taking in a roommate, tenant, homestay student from abroad.
3. I can garden/can/preserve no problem...

But what other things may I not be thinking of that because you have a property you could use it to make $, like storing someone's RV?
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Storing someone's stuff might not be legal... especially a boat or RV. Check the town's rules on whether those things can even BE stored at a residence.

Also, the rules on renting out rooms differs EVERYwhere. I'm not sure if it's a state thing here in NJ (I think you're in Canada) but I know you can rent up to two bedrooms before you have to take out license to be a boarding house. And I'm not sure if those two rooms are subject to rent control... they might be.

If your husband works from home, you MIGHT be able to deduct some of your house expenses... but your taxes are very strange up there!! So I'd ask a CPA--who might actually have some ideas from his other clients that make money off of their houses. And renting to people opens you up to all kinds of potential problems... like trying to get them to LEAVE!

You might just look into your overall budget. Do you need two cars? Or can one of them go--saving you a car payment. When you move, can you get broadband phone service? Are you keeping a price book so that your grocery budget is as lean as humanly possible? (because I guarantee you coupons and Costco are not the answer--something you only learn after keeping a price book!) Can you raise the deductibles on your insurance to lower the cost?

The only thing I can really think of is using your gardens maybe to grow herbs for profit. Or bee-keeping and selling the honey (you actually can do this in a dense residential area--it's not dangerous). Not sure it will be enough to make a difference.

Do you have ANY kind of skill or hobby that you can turn into part time work?
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Good question Shilot,

I hang laundry on the line which saves a little money but mostly is my way of relaxing.

I have a friend who rents rooms to Asian students. The money seems to be pretty good. The host family is expected to supply some meals and maybe other opportunities. My friend takes her students out to baseball games quite frequently. If you are a stay home mom, maybe you would have a compatible lifestyle.
We bought a duplex and the rent we collect each month nearly covers our mortgage. Also, we don't have a vehicle & walk most everywhere, no cable television (although we do have cable internet!
), I garden in the summer & grow herbs all year 'round, hang clothes to dry, conserve bath water by taking a tub after the kids and using then water to water my plants.....I'm always looking for new ways to increase my frugality.
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