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If you suscribe to a CSA

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how much do you pay per wk and how much and what do you usually end up getting? I'm kind of curious. We found a CSA and tried it this yr and it's been rather disappointing.
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We pay $315 for once a week from the end of May to Halloween. It has been awesome and we can just keep up with our family of four. We're very far north so we just received our first tomatoes yesterday. Worth the wait! We also got a bag of mixed beans, a fistful of assorted fresh herbs, 3 huge zucchini, a bag of green onions and some sort of fresh lettuce/bok choy/swiss chard mix. Yum
$30 per week for 10wks of certified organic produce.
we get whatever is being picked that week, this week was... 3 lbs. of cucumbers, 2 lbs. of asian eggplant, 2 lbs. of cherry tomatoes, 2 lbs. of frying peppers, 1 bag of thyme, 3 lbs. of squash and 1 bag of sage.
We pay $22 a week, for 9 week shares.

It really varies. Some weeks I struggle to keep up with th esheer volume of veggeis we get!Other times, like last week, just enough stuff, wanting a bit more. Sometime sfruits, mostly veggies. I usually have to buy something else, and fruit, but the price is great for the amount and variety we get
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