With Yoga Paws, my yoga poses are always accessible!

One of the many reasons I love yoga is that my practice is always available to me. Whether I'm meditating, focusing on my breath, or tending to my personal growth, yoga is within my reach. When practicing asana on the go, I recently found a tool that makes yoga poses more accessible too.

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YogaPaws are gloves and socks made of Eco-Friendly TPE yoga mat material and recycled natural rubber. They are designed to provide lots of extra love to your hands and feet while practicing yoga - no mat required! Yogis can choose between "SkinThin," Paws for a barely-there feel, or Elite Paws for additional cushioning and support. There are also varying size options and a size guide to ensure the perfect fit.

With Yoga Paws, my yoga poses are always accessible!

The Paws were designed by a mother and daughter yogi duo who have shared a love of practicing yoga and travel for over 30 years. Packing light was a necessity for them, thus inspiring the creation of their small business.

Jamie Getzwiller (one of the co-creators of YogaPaws) shares that she has exciting plans for the year ahead (including becoming a mama to triplets!), and hopes her growing biz will begin making YogaPaws for children. So far, children have given the Paws enthusiastic reviews and she would eventually like to see the them used in school yoga programs. Jamie mentions that Size 1 Paws typically fit children older than eight, although they are looking into more universal ways to fit kiddos of all ages for longer periods of time.

With Yoga Paws, my yoga poses are always accessible!

YogaPaws keep me soaring in crow during pregnancy!​

Since snagging my YogaPaws, I have kept them in my backpack at all times. This has been fantastic for impromptu yoga sessions outside playing with my son (plus he thinks they make me look like a super hero, a mama win!). I'm a huge fan of walking around on the natural ground sans shoes, but practicing yoga in our yard on top of mulch and sticks is quite a challenge. These yoga gloves and socks have allowed me to find a comfortable yoga flow on top of varied terrain in our yard and at the park.

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The Paws have also been fantastic for practicing slip-free on a sweaty yoga mat and on hardwood floors too. They have also been "handy" for demonstrating poses off my mat while teaching yoga classes. My Paws enhance my grip, so much so, that a few days ago I felt empowered to attempt kicking up into handstand, and at seven months pregnant I decided that for now I had better wait!

I can only imagine how convenient my YogaPaws will be for sneaking in opportunities to practice my yoga poses during travel and play with both of my kiddos in the years to come.