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... even while exclusively breastfeeding and not menstruating -- does anyone know if this means you are less likely to have dryness problems after menopause?<br><br>
I had a very long phase of lactational ammenorrhea after each baby -- 21 months before I got my first period after dd1, and 30 months with dd2. But all throughout this infertile time I continued to have a great deal of moisture (though it was all just clear and never went through the cyclical changes it goes through when I'm having cycles).<br><br>
I'm 45 now and am still having monthly cycles. I had dd1 at almost 36 and dd2 at almost 41. I never needed any help getting or staying pregnant. But I didn't get pregnant with dd2 until dd1 was 4 and was sometimes going a couple of days at a time without nursing. I did have one miscarriage when dd1 was 3, and a second miscarriage when dd2 was almost 3, and a third miscarriage when she was almost 4. So my fertility does seem to be winding down.<br><br>
But my sex-drive isn't. It seems even higher than it was before, and I am hoping I can keep enjoying sex even after I go through the change of life.<br><br>
I'm just wondering if there are other mamas who never experience vaginal dryness while breastfeeding, and if anyone knows what might cause this -- and also if anyone knows whether wetness during breastfeeding might be a sign that you won't need any lube after menopause either?
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