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Hello. I hope some of you will be able to help me see the light or at least shed some light on my situation!

We use a Holistic type Pediatrician who I adore and appreciate very much! However, this is the first time I am feeling uncertain with her advice.

She tested my ds (5.5) for food allergies, IgE and IgG antibodies in his blood. It was NOT a RAST test, just a standard immunoglobulin E and Immunogloublin G blood test to check again the "Big 8". We got back the results for Casein and Wheat already but the rest is pending.

He did have a high number of IgG's to wheat and casein. She suggested I completely eliminate those foods from his diet for 6 months and re-introduce (challenge). However, he has ZERO symptoms of food allergies. So when I re-introduce, what in the world I'm supposed to be looking for is beyond me! (They tested him out of curiousity because he's hyper and has some constipation.) Well, if you met my husband and any boy in my family, it would clearly explain where he get's his hyperactivity from! I guess if I removed the foods and he got calmer and the constipation improved, I'd know it's the foods but I have my doubts. His younger sister is always constipated too and that too, I think comes from my family blood line. Alot of people in my famiyl have struggled with constipation. We already don't so alot of dairy so that's not a problem to eliminate but wheat is in everything!!!

His test for Celiac came back negative so he does not have Celiac, which I figured he didn't since he does not have any symptoms.

My BIGGEST problem, is when I research this, all I can find information on are IgE's (the TRUE allergies) I have not been able to find any concrete studies that suggest IgG's in the blood are a problem. The doctor thinks they are and said we should have not have any antibodies to food in our blood but I even checked out 3 books from the library on food allergies and they ALL said that IgE's are allergies and IgG's are a normal response to food. These books (written by allergists MD's) say that IgG blood testing is highly contraversial and not daignostic.

I just don't know what to do! Eliminating these foods for 6 months is a huge life adjustment and if it were completely medically nessecary I'd comply but I'm struggling with what to do when I have not read anything scientifically proving that IgG's in the blood are abnormal. I hate to not listen to the Pediatrician but I'm needing more proof that this is a problem.

He had no IgE's in his blood, just IgG's.

Seems like the few things I find online that suggest IgG's ARE abnormal, are from Holistic doctors (like ours) and the modern medicine doctors/allergists say they are a normal response to food.

Who's right?!!!
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