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IgG positive to dairy...can I do homemade yogurt?

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Back in June I tested positive for dairy (milk) on an IgG test. It was a 7+ and I hadn't consumed any dairy for a loooong time. I still haven't. Although cheddar cheese came back okay.

I really need to rebuild my gut flora (I have no lactobacillus in my gut AT ALL...) and would like to start doing homemade yogurt.

Has anyone had any luck with homemade yogurt, even after testing positive on an IgG for milk? What about raw goat's milk yogurt?
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You could use coconut milk to make the yogurt, instead. And you could use a dairy-free yogurt starter -- you can get an excellent one here. The coconut milk will have other really positive effects on your health, too. (If you have a problem with coconut, you can also make yogurt out of nut milks and such.)

Another thing I want to mention is that the bacteria in yogurt is transitory. It's great for you, great for your gut health, but if you've been ill you might want to start with kefir. The bacteria in kefir will actually set up house in the gut, so to speak, and continue to populate even after the yogurt bacteria have moved on.

Don't get me wrong, the yogurt would be great for you, as well. Just wanted to mention the kefir. (And you can make kefir out of water or juice or coconut milk/juice ... all kinds of stuff beyond dairy. You can buy a good starter for that at or you can get water kefir grains.)
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