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I'll be debt free by the end of the week....

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Well, not totally. I'll still have a mortgage. But THAT'S IT! We re-financed and got money back to pay off our truck, our car, my student loan and our property taxes for the year. I put the checks in the mail on Saturday. I feel GREAT! We went with a 15 year mortgage and are still saving $150 per month. Although, I'll not be able to afford a car payment for the next 15 years but that's ok I guess. I told DH I better start socking away that extra $150/month for my next used car.
Thanks for letting me share my excitement.
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that must be a great feeling!
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that's wonderful! congrats!
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WooHoo! How exciting, there are a whole group of us here aspiring to this, maybe you could come inspire us all on the "getting out of debt" thread.
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Woohoo! Way to go, mama! I am hoping to be debt-free, except for a mortgage, in a couple of years!

Thanks for sharing!
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WOW! Congrats--we are almost there too. I figure 3 more years of tax returns, lol. Not really that bad. Sounds so wonderful for you huh? What joy you must feel
Umm, not to sound too harsh, but you didn't exactly pay off your debt... Now you've got all your debt moved to your house, which you could lose if you can't make payments. You've also lost any deferment/forbearance benefits you had with your student loans. Many people who refi to pay off debt never change the habits that got them into debt in the first place (although it sounds like you don't have cc debt which is a very good thing). You've got to be extra vigilant now not to rack up any more debt...

That said...congrats on the shorter mortgage (I assume your previous one was for 30 years) and lower payments! Don't forget to build up a cushion of at least 6 months worth of expenses in case of emergency to prevent future debt...
wow, that's great

i heard a 'tip' last night, instead of paying X amount each month on ur mortgage, send 1 payment every two weeks (on payday) and you'll cut 6-10 years off ur mortgage.(that's the # the financial advisor gave)

ex. u pay $1000 a month for 12 months = $12000

but if u pay $500 every 2 weeks (and there are 52 weeks in a year) you'll pay off $13000

since ur still paying $1000 a month just splitting it in 2 u wont 'feel' that extra 1000 dollars
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