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Is your employer supportive of breastfeeding? If so, nominate them for a "Breastfeeding is Smart Business" Award! Give them some appreciation and recognition.

"Breastfeeding is Smart Business" Awards Program


Nominations: Worksites can be nominated by a member of the public, Regional Task Force or employees of a given business. Applications can be obtained from the Regional Task Force. A Task Force may choose to mail a known breastfeeding friendly worksite an application packet.

Verification: Nominee information will be verified by the Regional Task Force. Once it has been determined that a business meets the award criteria their information will be submitted to the Illinois Department of Human Services Bureau of Family Nutrition or the State Breastfeeding Coordinators to be kept on file.

Issuance: The Illinois Department of Human Services will supply a certificate to a Regional Task Force to award to "Smart Businesses" following verification of qualifications. The Illinois Breastfeeding Task Force suggests awards be made during World Breastfeeding Week, although they may be given at any time. The Illinois Breastfeeding Task Force will make awards at breastfeeding conferences as possible.

Support: Regional Task Forces should serve as "experts" in assisting local businesses to set-up Workplace Pump Rooms and promoting breastfeeding as "smart business."

Application: (also available in MSWord format at (can send to contacts here: or to [email protected] and we'll forward on (that's the Central IL Task Force email))

Company Name:_____________________________________________ _________________
Contact Person:___________________________________________ ____________________
Address:__________________________________________ ___________________________
Phone Number:_____________________________________Fax:__ _____________________
Email Address:__________________________________________ ______________________

Please provide the following information about what the company provides:

Bronze Award
__Flexibility in work schedules to provide time for milk expression
__break times __lunch times __work start/stop times

__Private, clean, non-bathroom space, with:
__locking door __chair
__electric outlet __table/shelf for pump

Silver Award
__All of the requirements for the Bronze Award, plus
__sink __comfortable chair

Gold Award
__All of the requirements for the Silver Award, plus
__Electric pump and/or accessory kits or subsidize the purchase of pump/kit
__Educational materials for all employees on the benefit of breastfeeding
__Educational materials for all employees on supporting breastfeeding co-workers
__Workplace support groups for breastfeeding employees
__Lactation consulting services

What additional mother-friendly services do you offer? _________________________
__________________________________________________ ____________________
__________________________________________________ ____________________
__________________________________________________ ____________________
__________________________________________________ ____________________
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