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illness affect supply?

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Hi ladies,

My son and I recently were diagnosed as being half way through a bout of the rotavirus (not fun!). I've been keeping up with my liquids but all of a sudden the last day/day and a half my supply has MASSIVELY dropped! I have supplements to increase which I've just started increasing the use of as a result of said drop...but I was wondering if illness typically causes a supply loss or no? I'm talking HUGE loss - my poor son is getting frustrated and nursing twice as much b/c there's not enough!!

Any thoughts?
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I've heard moms say that after illness or even travel/jet lag that their supply drops.

I'd think it'd seem that way too when baby recovers and regains his usual appetite. If your milk drops a bit and then his appetite increases, it'd seem like you had no milk. Whatever it is, it's probably just temporary. Just keep nursing and it'll get back to normal for both of you.
most will lower your supply.....even though I know you are trying to keep up with your fluides it is very stressful on your body. Just hang in there keep doing what your doing and in a few days maybe a week you will be back to your normal supply!
Yes, this can happen. Get in bed with baby if possible (do skin to skin if you can, especiall in a warm bath) or at least be reclining as much as possible. Try to do nothing else but nursing and baby care. (NO CHORES! FORGET IT!) Increase your calories as much as possible for a couple days, if your stomach will allow it. If you can't take much food in volume make sure you take dense and nutrient rich foods. Avocado, leafy greens, peanut butter, etc. Eat some oatmeal or even oatmeal cookies - they would go down pretty easy on the tummy I would think. Drink fluids - and I would do fluids with calories at this point, not just water. Juice, smoothies, etc.
Just let baby nurse and nurse, don't stress about it.
get better soon!
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Thank you ladies for the encouragement! And the excuse to leave off chores!!
To bed to bed I go!
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Oh yeah, totally possible.

Anytime I get sick, my supply dwindles. Part of it is dehydration -- it's just so hard to stay hydrated when you feel crappy. The other part is that your body is just too busy fighting the bug that it's not devoting much energy to milk-making.

Whenever I get sick, I make it a point to drink tons of water, rest as much as possible, and nurse often. My supply usually bounces back after I get better, but it can be rough until it does.

((HUGS)) hope you start feeling better!
it will return to normal though afterwards as long as you get some rest and stay hydrated and keep nursing lots
I know it can be scary, but it has happened to me time and time again adn we are still nursing
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