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I'm a nut!!! (snap stuff!)

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Ok, so I wrote the whole post about metal snaps and got some opinions. Yesterday I decided to go ahead and get a snap setter and some of the cute metal snaps with designs on them.

Then today I happened to mention to dh how you can use a drill press as a snap press, and he said I could use his if I wanted to! So just now I ordered a set of dies and some snaps (resin)!

I guess I better get to sewing some diapers really soon! And now I can try out both metal and resin. Resin is better as far as allergies (dh has nickel allergy so we don't want the snaps touching the baby's skin) but the metal snaps have the cute designs on them! I'm going to make the parts hidden though.

The nutty part of this is: I used to own a snap setter and sold it. I used to own a snap press and dies and sold those too. Maybe this time I'll keep my stuff, since even though I might get tired of it for a while, eventually I'll come back to it!
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One can buy poly resin snaps with engraved designs on too!!
I have fish and flowers!!!
They are fairly subtle though.............
Great news about the drill press,Oh to have a D.I.Y type partner!!!

Love Jayne
Wait a sec! You really can just buy the dies and they fit and work with a drill press?! Hmmm my fil has a drill press...

I'm glad that you found a solution that works for you. The embossed snaps are really cute.
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