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I'm A "Trim" Freak, and I need some help!

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....I admit it, I don't like diaper butt.
My son wears MEOS with no inserts and no cover right now b/c it's so warm. They're so trim and happy on him and he's so comfy in them. He doesn't like the bulkier, full dipes either, and will tug on them and fuss. But w/out the inserts or a doubler they're only good for one big toddler pee. No worries, b/c it's summertime and who cares about frequent changing when he's only wearing the diaper anyway!

But I'm already getting nervous about winter. I cd'd through last winter with prefolds and covers, and don't have the appropriate size anymore. And he's a toddler now, running around and I'm no good with the snappi when he's wiggly. So......I have about 2 dozen ME doublers that I've been laying into a Bummis Original cover 2 at a time, and that works well when I can't leave him coverless and don't have any dipes left. It's fairly trim and easy to change, not to mention how fast they dry on washday! But they're not absorbant enough for longer term use. I'm looking for really absorbant, trim doublers so I can diaper like this when the weather gets cooler and he can't go sans pants. But no fleece toppers, so mf is out, unfortunately.

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Maybe lay hemp Wonder-fulls in a wrap?
Do you want to try something new? had some great trim and absorbent diapers. I get the Custom Very Baby Hybrid AIO becasue they are so darn cute. They are a little pricey at $14 + a diaper but IMO totally worth it.
Have you thought about doing wool pants or longies? That way you can just do the MEOS like you have been, without having to worry about his clothes being wet. Our trimmest fitteds are Elbees, but they are so difficult to get.
You could check into softbums. They are super trim, but I would specify you want a hemp doubler. I ordered them twice and once I got the fleece doubler(good for one toddler pee) and the hemp, and the hemp is far more absorbant.
You could go with a suedecloth pocket (such as bumgenius). They're pretty trim.
Thanks for the ideas! We dont' use pockets - too pricey and they just don't seem to work well. I DO want to do more wool pants (thanks for the reminder!!) but the MEOS aren't too absorbant and I'll be changing constantly. UGH. Why can't they all just run around naked all the time??? I love the summer!
Honestly I find simple pull one covers (like ME air flows Dappi or cloth EZ) the trimmest under clothes option with fitted they are thin smooth down flat under clothes.
bumGenius are pretty trim. Bumkins, Magic alls
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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