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I'm about ready to cut my breasts right off!

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Hi, this is my first time posting on this board. My name is Kim, I have six children. The oldest is 17 years and the youngest is 17 months. I nursed all of them, the longest was over three years. And I'm also a former LLLLeader.

Abby, my 17 month old, is driving me crazy! She nurses as often as a newborn and will suck on the right breast for a minute or two, then the left for a minute or two, then back to the right, then the left, then the right. ARGGGH!!! I get that feeling of wanting to throw her across the room. I don't, of course, but I do have to put her down after a half hour of this because I start to feel insane. Then twenty mintutes later she's back again, tugging at my shirt.

Then there's the situation during the night where she wakes up and screams and won't go back to sleep without nursing....even though my back is killing me from sleeping with her attached for the previous several hours. If I roll away, she climbs all over me and pokes me in the eyes.

I make sure she is getting enough to eat and drink and that she has plenty to do. I give her lots of physical affection. She is not teething.

I don't remember my other kids being like this, unless I'm just blocking it out. I literally feel like taking a knife, slicing my breasts right off my body and giving them to her.


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I'm laughing so hard, because I empathise. Andrew is 15 months old and the back and forth, 2 sucks on each boob, is what gets me too. He gets so frustrated when I try to lay down on one of my boobs to encourage him to stay on one side. He tugs and pushes me to get me on my back, sitting, or at least lay on my side with both exposed. And I agree, he's not bored or teething, he just sees them as a favorite toy. But I don't! I hope he outgrows it soon. I've been taking the two boys for walks when I get frustrated with it, but the weather is turning so one less option...
aaahhh! i know what you mean. katie is 25 months and going through another of these phases. i am sooo sore, i just want to scream sometimes.
Yeah, my 20 mo dd is doing the same thing. I can't sit down without her tugging and making the sign.
On the up side she has learned to count the boobs "one...two, One...two"
Too much fun.

no help here either, now i'm feeling lucky my dd only does this at 2 Am nursing.
Been there SO many times!!! It is so very frustrating!!

For my sanity, I finally have made the rule that one time per side. If she wants to switch, then she says bye-bye or good night (depending) to the first side. Sometimes she'll switch, sometimes she stays where she is. It wasn't as easy as I make it sound, but now she gets it. But I should add that I started this recently and my dd is much older.

I hope you find something that works for you!
Wow--I could have written the same post. My 19 month old DS is doing the same thing. No solutions for you, but lots of empathy & understanding.

I've had those "throw him across the room" visions, too. I just get so tired of it sometimes. On the other hand, I am not ready to wean yet, so I am enduring this hoping it will pass. I don't remember this with my older son, but I bet he did it, too!

I find that he is fine until I actually dare to sit in a favorite nursing spot, and then he climbs up on me and says "nuss, nuss" and starts ripping my shirt open! My DH thinks it is funny, and I guess it must look sort of cute, but not when it is 40 times a day!

I try to avoid those chairs, but I gotta sit sometime!

At least you are not alone . . .
I like many of the other mothers have no advice, I do however share your pain!!! lol. Just tonight my ds, who is 20mos was playing the switch game. I finally put him down. I said to him, "I can't stand breast feeding anymore". I bf my dd, although it was 12 years ago, I know she self-weaned by 11mos. I am ready for a break. Best luck to you
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