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I'm all tapped out!

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I read the NCSS. I've tried getting ds on a routine but it's impossible. One day he wants to nap at noon and the other day he wants to nap at 10 am. How do I get him to nap at the same time everyday and help him get into a sleep routine? I've never put pressure on myself to do this until the NCSS sais it helps with his night wakings. He's 13 mos old and wakes every 2 hours at night and can only be nursed back down. I'm pooped! I tried the pulling off thing quicker and it doesn't seem to make a difference.
Will he EVER sleep more than 2 hours at a time? Will he EVER want to go to sleep without being nursed? (that part I don't really mind
Any other suggestions to help us both out? I really like the idea of sometype of routine- it kind of helps me make sure he's eating enough/nursing enough, etc. It worked great for 2 days and then today he switched it up again. Like I said, that's fine... I just thought it might help with his night wakings!
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Sorry you are having a rough time. It took awhile to catch on to my DD's "program" then she would change it too. We still do not nap at the same time every day-it really depends what time she gets up, but at 13 mos I could count on about 2.5 hrs after she was up, it would be nap time and start looking for the signs. It also depended on how good of a night sleep it was. She was also up every 2hrs then.

My only advice to you is to keep with the routine...I did, even when she started to change...and we always have come back to it and it is a soothing dependable thing in her life. She made the sign for sleep the other night and pointed to the bedroom. BIG STEP
Asleep in 5 minutes with Daddy walking her.

Consistency on our part is the key.
Hang in there!!

Ohhh... almost forgot...yes, he will sleep more than 2 hours
and just keep pulling your nipple out after they stop feeding-they get sick of it after awhile and turn has taken me 12 times once but it was shorter than hours of sucking and sleeping thru it. Deep breathes!
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My ds is 22 months old and still does what your ds does, but he is getting better. He will pull off and rollover and go to sleep, and has started waking only 3 times a night instead of every 2 hours. As for naps, be happy he naps at all! :LOL My ds naps anywhere from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, and I just deal with it. Keep dong the Pantley Pull-Off and as your ds gets older, it will get better. I have BTDT and send you lots of

Daniel 8/9/03
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