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I'm angry..... vent

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at the fact that he says "she's the most important thing in my life" but only spends 45 min x2 a week with her.

at the fact he brings his lunch to eat here when he's "visiting" DD and I end up caring for her.

at the fact that he walked out without saying goodbye while I had a couple over (whose baby I may be watching) and were discussing vax --they're delaying (yay). CAN HE BE POLITE??!!! Doesn't he know that doesn't look good for ME?!!

at the fact that when we first split he was going to leave me "the house and the car and he'd figure it out", and now that I may indeed *need* the car, he's not so willing. So HE's got the house and the car. (i decided to be with my parents) "how would he get her to see her".

at the fact that I asked him if he wanted to go along to get her pix done, and he "doesn't have time for that".

at the fact that he keeps texting me "you know I love you but I just don't agree with your ideas" --what good does that do anyone??

at the fact that it makes him happy to think that I may have to get a "real" job interpreting in order to insure an income for us. jerk
Which means that I can't quite pursue my doula dreams at the moment.

I may add to this later....
but for now Im stepping off my

do I email him all that or not??....prob. not.
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No. Do not email him.

It is very frustrating and I have had days where I've felt much like you've expressed here.

Yell into a pillow, go outside and stomp up and down, write more here, write some at home, rip paper, do whatever you need to do to get this out of your body and then move on.

Sorry it's so frustrating for you right now.
i understand your rage. i share a lot of them with u. but i will also say most men - not all - have a hard time with babies which is what ur dd is. once they grow up they get a little better. my ex has gotten much better with my dd after seh turned 3 and seemed to mature a lot. when she was younger - ur dd's age (we hadnt separated yet) him being in teh house without really doing anything for a few hours he was actually there was enough to be with dd. he spent no one on one time with her. if i would ask him to take her to teh park he'd say you do it so why should i? hello different person, different perspective.

so bear for a while longer hoping things work out better for you.
it's been 6 years and I still have those feelings about my X. I will say that it is a lot better especially since I finally made very definite boundaries, legal and otherwise. He can react any old way he wants, you might have to sit with uncomfortable feelings but once he's "weaned" from you it will be much better.

Good Luck
I so know how you feel hun. my major pet peeve right now is that when he comes over and gets Caleb dressed for anything he needs my help. he needs my help for EVERYTHING to do with Caleb. I just want to yell at him "do you think i get any help with this? no i have to do it yourself so u just do it yourself you lazy #$%&!"

I try to let it go though because as little as he does come to see Caleb at least he IS still coming over and he can never say that i've kept him from his sons.
I think I just needed it off my chest. Ya know? Yes, it upsets me, but there's not much to do. and I feel SO MUCH MORE positive now that I'm by myself. Life makes me happy! despite the hurdles.

Today he mentioned he 'doesn't think I"ll make it on my own'. Blah, whatever. We'll see. Which would make me think "would I really want to be with someone that has SO LITTLE faith in me?

I'm not going to email him, it would just be silly fighting. I'll figure it out on my own, nad he can have however close (or not) relationship with his daughter.
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