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I'm so sorry that you are feeling so sad. I cried when I read your post because I can relate to what you're saying. I struggle everyday with not being like my mom and dad and not treating my son the way I was treated as a kid. I have huge expectations for myself as a Momma and hold all of my mistakes over my head so as not to be forgotten. It is self-deafeating & not manageable & yet I keep doing it.

For me, my biggest deal is that I get lazy and don't want to, or feel like I don't have the energy, to get off my butt and be pro-active with my son. My parents were hands off kind of parents except when it came to dolling out punishment or yelling. Explanations, comraderie, playing with us was never something that they did. So now I find that those are the hard parts for me as a parent. I have to work very hard at these things and usually there's a time in every day that I feel over-whelmed & at a loss for what to do with my son or for myself. How do others find the energy to keep happily moving along, staying plugged-in? Maybe I need vitamens?

Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack your post. I guess I just wanted/needed to conect with someone who felt the way I do. I hope that others will have some words of wisdom/support for you.

You're not alone

Leatherette: Thank you for your insight!!!!!

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