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Kids who are treated this way develop behaviors that cause people to want to treat them badly. When a small child is treated badly, they spend a certain amount of time wondering why people are mean to them. Then, they decide that the only way that they can have control is to evoke mean behavior before it is foisted upon them without warning. The process is subconcious, but powerful. It is their way of protecting themselves.

If you can fight the urge to treat him the way he is trying to get you to treat him, you will be doing him a huge favor. For him to know that there are people who will always love him and be kind to him no matter what will make a world of difference to him. You may not reap any of the benefits, ever, but for him to know that there are nice people out there may help him hold it together until (if) he can get out of that situation. Teachers who care about him once he is school-aged might make a big difference as well.

This is a very sad little boy who is being abused. I would be as involved as possible. I know it is hard.

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