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I'm donating a set of dipes to a community, what kind?

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Hi all, I am living at a mountain community where there are babies in and out. One of the long-term residents is due in August and I am going to donate a full set (NB through Toddler) to the community.

I am uncertain of what kind to get.

Here are the factors involved:
Something easy to clean with a hand-washing machine, comfy, not too expensive.

I thought of Bumkins and flat folds since the covers can be washed and dried so easily but I found that they scratched my kids' bellies around the velcro area.

I am also thinking of knitting some soakers and buying some fitteds like SP.
I am also really into pocket dipes.

Give me your opinions
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what about prefolds and bummis covers? or fleece covers?
for pocket fitteds i really like harleez. they're very trim
That is so awesome of you! I vote chinese prefolds and bummis wraps also.
We use the infant trifolded into a medium now at 14 months and it couldn't be simpler really.
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Prefolds and BUmmis. Very cost-effective, easy to clean and long lasting!
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